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Honey Badger Records

Honey Badger Records is a record label providing creative electronic music based in Korea, providing the futuristic music of JNS, Mother Nature’s Orchestra, Kim Kate, and Cumeo Project. Honey Badger Records established by JNS in January 2014 has shown

the ‘Overly Vivid EP’ of JNS and ‘To Make this World Better EP’ by MNO, and released Kim Kate’s ‘Orientation EP’ on the first showcase performance of the label in April 2015, the next year, and showcasing ‘No Youth Flowers’ of Cumeo Project, the fourth album of the label on June 6th. On the same fall, ‘Sagittal Club EP’ and ‘1hing EP’, the A/B side digital albums of Kim Kate and A/B have been released.








JNS is an electronic recording artist based in Seoul.

JNS’s music has been influenced by UK garage/bass, hip-hop and ambient music, and is represented by the cinematic soundscape of the experimental rhythm, emphasized bass line, and the beautifully processed samples.

He finished the MA Audio Production process in London in 2012, and in that September, he released ‘Beneath The Surface’, the debut album produced by him in all of the album process through Bandcamp.

In April 2014, he released the first official album, EP ‘Overly Vivid EP’ and digital album ‘1hing EP’ through his record label, Honey Badger Records. In addition, JNS is performing in various live performances as a sound artist, and as a DJ in underground club Cakeshop, Pistil and Faust. He is performing actively as a sound designer in various brand commercials as well.







Kim Kate

Kim Kate was born in Seoul, but is a producer/DJ based in London, studying interactive art programming at Goldsmiths, University of London. Through his sounds of wide scope, at the same time as accumulating complex texture and beats, he hopes to actualize the spatial image mediated by sound. At the same time, what he pursues and is influenced by is started from the music, shifting to the city he lives in, exploring the relationship between technology and the cognition of human beings.

In 2014, at the same time as the release of Melt with You + Remix, he started his activities through performance events in various parties of #Valzun and performance events of Stop Look Listen and WATMM. Also, as the joint founder of Merci Jitter, collective without nationality, continued the activities in Europe with the performance at Panic Room in Paris, on October 2014, participating with ‘Ay Ai’, the song of EP1 of [Merci Jitter Movement Vol.1] in the compilation album of the collective in January 28th, released his debut EP ‘Orientation’ through Honey Badger Records on April 10th, and released ‘Saggittal Club EP’, a digital album in the same year.






Cumeo Project

Cumeo Project is a duo project with Choi Sang Min and Song Kwang Ho, and presents music exploring the fields of Chill-Bass, Experimental Acoustic and Downtempo based on beats music. It has the characteristics of floating texture and melody, and multi-layered beats, also with the dual feelings of the cold city and tropic ocean. The music was already introduced through the indie webzines of the United States and England (XLR8R, Glod flak paint…), and most of the songs were blogged on Hype machine, a group of famous foreign bloggers. On April 7th, the first EP of the band was released on the Shoeboxx Recordings, an American indie label, and on June 5th, the album was released through the Honey Badger Records label of South Korea. Their debut album had the fame of being the candidate of 2016 Korea Music Awards’ Best Dance & Electronic Music in the applause of the listeners.








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