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2016-07-01 ~ 2017-06-30 364Days

2016-07-01 ~ 2017-06-30



















Tired of dragging your heavy luggage around?




RAON BAGGAGE STORAGE is a service for travelers.

Keep your luggage safe while you explore Seoul to your heart’s content.








RAON offers the following services :




Storing your baggage is quick and simple


Baggage are monitored through 24hr security camera


We handle baggage carefully to minimize damge


Our facilities can handle oversize baggage, sports equipment,

and other goods


Simply visit the office – no reservations necessary









>Short-term Storage

 -Store under 7 days


 Ex. If you store 24inch luggage from 1/1 to 3/1 ,

   5,000+3,000x2 = 11,000 won


 -For storage of over 7 days, inquire about the long-term storage service











Hanbok Rental Service




“Modern hanbok” is hanbok (traditional Korean costume) that

was redesigned to be Comfortable and easy to wear in everyday life.

Try the hanbok on and make special memories as you walk along

Hongdae (Hongik University) Street as well as the streets of Seoul











>Deposit and ID should be provided to rent a hanbok ;

you can get your deposit and ID back upon returning the costume

your rented.








Purchase cancellation policy

Cancellation fees information

  1. No cancellation fees will be charged for tickets canceled within 3 weeks after the purchase.
  2. For tickets cancelled 3 weeks after payment, following cancellation fees will be applied.

 - Within 7 days before the day of use : 10% of purchase price.

 - Within 3 days before the day of use : 30% of purchase price.

 - Within a day before the day of use : 50% of purchase price.

 - The day of use : 100% of purchase price.


Information on credit card refund

-If a purchase is canceled after credit card is approved but before the order goes through, the purchase will be canceled, and deleted from the purchase history. 

-If a purchase is canceled after the order goes through and credit card transaction is completed, refund will take place on the following month, but if the transaction is not completed, the transaction will not take place at all. 

-If you need more detail, ask for each credit card company.


•No age limit
•No food or Drink Allowed


•No hoilday
•Time : Sun ~ Thu 09:30-21:30
Fri ~ Sat 09:30-23:30
•Please bring your passport or identity card
•Foreign language service presents


Place information

    In the Hongik University Station. Near gate 7.

Address : Raon baggage Storage, B2, Gate 7, Hongik University St., Yangwha-ro 188, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact Us : +82-70-8884-1251