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Arirang Taekwondo Class

2016-05-30 ~ 2017-04-19 324Days

2016-05-16 ~ 2017-04-19

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Arirang Taekwondo Class 






<Key Points>


Easy to learn even for very beginners including foreign tourist who

never experienced Taekwondo

Various programs full of funs, amusement, and big impressions,

promoting friendship

Well-organized class delivered by a professional Taekwondo master

who has more than 16 years of teaching experience for foreigners

Good accessibility, as it is located near Seoul Station.









Class Information 


Designed to teach the very beginners, including Korean adult and

foreign tourist, the program provides a lot of exciting activities,

such as the basic movement of Taekwondo, and board-breaking.

With various programs easy to learn for the beginners of all ages,

it is one of the hottest activities as a cultural event for

Korean language institutes of Korean universities and international

cultural institutes, and also as an activity program of tourism agencies

both for individual and group tourists.






 About Arirang Taekwondo 


Arirang Taekwondo Culture Experience Center was established to promote

the Korea's best Taekwondo experience program

"Arirang Foreigner Taekwondo culture experience",

and at the same time, to boost R&D activities and professional

Taekwondo education for overseas Taekwondo fans.


Tourists who visit South Korea will have the great opportunity to

understand Korean culture in an amusing way through Taekwondo

culture experience programs, learning Taekwondo spirit and techniques

right in the home of Taekwodo.


We, Arirang Taekwondo Culture Experience Center,

will dedicate ourselves to the development of Taekwondo,

so that we could share the great value of Korea's cultural heritage,

Taekwondo, with all people around the world.





Program Length: 90 minutes in total.






Program Schedule 


Wear a uniform -> Meditation -> Warm up -> Stretching in pairs

->Basic Movements -> Kicking -> Board-Breaking -> 

Certificate -> Photographing














Yongsan-based gym located in the middle of Seoul Station and

Sookmyung Women's University Station.

As the gym can accommodate up to 45 people at a time, it is appropriate

for the group training.

Also as it is close to Myeong-dong and Namsan Mountain,

it has the geographical advantage as well for the tourism package item.





Program Video










What is included in the price?













<Uniform rental>







<Pine boards for breaking activity>








Who have participated in the class?




Korean Major Universities and Foreign Universities

Seoul National University, Korea University, Yonsei University,

Sogang University, Sungkyunkwan University, Hankuk University of

Foreign Studies, Hanyang University, Kookmin University,

Chung-ang University, Sangmyung University, Sejong University,

Kwangwoon University, Theological University, KAIST, Harvard University



Government Organization

National Institute For International Education (EPIK Team, TALK Team)



 Korean Companies 

Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDS, LG Electronics,

Hanwha Life Insurance, POD Communication 




Overseas Companies

Heineken, Volvo Cars, Boston Management Consulting









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 - The day of use : 100% of purchase price.


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•No food or drinks allowed to bring.


•No hoilday
•Time : every day 10am & 2pm
•Over age of 4 allowed to engage in this program.


Place information

    3-minute walk away from the Exit 1 of Sookmyung Women's Univ. Station(Line4)
    7-minute away from the Exit 12 of Seoul Station(Line 4)

Address : 4F, 8-48, Galwol-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact Us : +82 10 3078 1433