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A landmark of Seoul.

The highest point to take in the most beautiful views of Seoul from.




A complex cultural space in Seoul


N Seoul Tower was launched as Korea’s first general radio wave tower in 1969, delivering TV and radio broadcasting to the metropolitan area. Not only does N Seoul Tower have transmission antennas for KBS, MBC, SBS TV and FM, but there are also functioning transmission antennas from PBC, TBS, CBS, and BBS FM. 48% of the national viewing population watches broadcasting transmitted through this tower. 




Since N Seoul Tower opened to the public in 1980, it has become a resting place for Seoul citizens as well as a tourist attraction for visiting foreigners. Visitors also can enjoy media art created with the latest LED lighting, which constantly changes colors and patterns. As a complex cultural space that represents Seoul, the newly born N Seoul Tower is definitely one of Seoul’s most memorable landmarks. 


Enjoy the most amazing, 360 degree panoramic view of Seoul. 




Things to do at N Seoul Tower for couples



If you toss a heart-shaped coin into the wishing pond on the 2nd floor of N Seoul Tower, it is said that your love will become real.  



You can easily find v-shaped benches all around N Seoul Tower. Because the center of the bench sinks to a single point, couples naturally have to sit close to each other. You can create a unique memory enjoying the scenery of Seoul while sitting on the v-shaped bench with your significant other.



Have you ever heard about the bear living at N Seoul Tower?


His name is N Sarang Gom. Gom means bear in English, and sarang means love. Since he knows every corner of Namsan, he is good at hiding somewhere and then surprising people without them noticing. With a big heart, he also helps shy couples to become more intimate. He is definitely a Cupid for those couples that visit N Seoul Tower.

Hope you are lucky enough to find yourself face to face with N Sarang Gom!  

















● No age limit.
※ Free admission will be available for infants under 36 months old.


● Date: All-year round.
● Time: Mon-Fri/Sun 10:00-23:00, Sat 10:00-24:00


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