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Van Gogh Inside: Festival of Light and Music

2016-06-08 ~ 2017-12-31 571Days

2016-06-08 ~ 2017-12-31

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Van Gogh Inside: Festival of Light and Music





“Van Gogh Inside: Festival of Light and Music” is a Media Art exhibition which reinterprets Van Gogh’s fabulous but tragic, bright yet dark life and artwork through the media of light and music.  His artwork, full of passion towards the arts, will be featured on screens in Jeju City accompanied by light and music.



From his dark periods in Nuenen, Arles, and Saint Remi until his death in Auvers, let us feel the passionate breath of Van Gogh who lived a short but turbulent life! If you visit the exhibition, you will be surrounded by Van Gogh’s masterpieces such as the “Wheat Field” series, “Sunflowers” series, and “The Starry Night”projected on screens from 4m to 6m tall all across the venue.



You will gain a thoughtful experience breathing within the life of Van Gogh.








Why it is not to be missed



1. You can understand the 19th Century art movement by enjoying the masterpieces of well-known Impressionists of the contemporary era including Van Gogh.


2. All audience will feel the liveliness of the path Van Gogh left behind, while looking through his works on Full-HD projectors demonstrated with light and music.


3. This exhibition provides a 3D surround sound system, giving the impression that sounds are coming from all possible directions. This helps you become more engaged with the exhibition.


4. The audience may enjoy not only the visual spectacles but hands-on experiences at Interactive Zones through Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) devices.  








1. Another Sunset in Neunen | Antwerp | Nuenen | Early Paintings | Paris

- Featured artists | Turner, Monet, Renoir, De Gas, and Van Gogh



This zone features artists from Monet to Degas, most of whose works are scenes from modern life in Paris in bright colors. One of the popular topics among these Impressionist painters was the way in which people spent their holidays. Compared to that, Van Gogh’s early paintings were mostly about peasant life with drowning colors.





2. One fine day in Paris | Paris

- Featured artists | Seurat, Signac, Van Gogh



After Van Gogh moved to Paris, he encountered the works of the Impressionists, Neo-Impressionists, the name given to the post-impressionist works of Georges Seurat, Paul Signac and their followers, and the Pointillists. As a result, Van Gogh began developing his own style, brightening his palette, loosening brushwork, and expressing psychological responses to the world on the canvas. In zone Ⅱ, you can explore the famous paintings of Seurat and Signac, as well as Van Gogh’s artwork influenced by them.




3. Starry Night in Arles | Arles | Saint Remy

- Featured artists | Gauguin, Van Gogh. 



In 1888, Van Gogh relocated to the peaceful town of Arles in France. Then he asked his fellow painter Gauguin to join him, believing they would found a community of artists there. However, Van Gogh’s stubborn nature and Gauguin’s arrogance made their life together difficult. As a result, Gauguin returned to Paris in few weeks with a mental breakdown. Despite how difficult it was for them to stay close, they learned from each other’s painting during their time together, developed personal styles of painting, and produced many works. However, Van Gogh became ill after he and Gauguin quarreled and had to stay at a hospital to recuperate. The paintings exhibited at this zone reflect Van Gogh’s turbulent mind during the period.





4. At the Wheat Field in Auvers | Auvers sur Oise

-  Featured Artist: Van Gogh



After staying in the hospital, he went back to northern France, particularly to Auvers-sur-Oise. In this town, he averaged one painting per day in the 70 days leading up to his death. At zone Ⅳ, you can see the canvases he completed in Auvers sur Oise.







Interactive Zones



1. Van Gogh's Atelier | AR Zone



You can see photographs of Nuenen, Paris, and Arles here. If you capture these photographs with the pad, it turns into the famous artwork of Van Gogh. You may see the original photographs and masterpieces of Van Gogh at the same time, feeling how Van Gogh interpreted the scenery.





2. Vincent Library | AR Zone



If you mirror the displayed books with the device, detailed explanations with video clips and sounds will be offered for each of the paintings. While reading the books with the AR system, you will more deeply understand Van Gogh’s artwork.





3. Palette of light | Drawing Zone



Yellow and blue are Van Gogh's beloved colors. You can create totally new paintings by putting acrylic sticks with two colors on the canvas. The height of the acrylic sticks is diverse just as the heaviness of Van Gogh's brushstrokes is.





4. The Night Café by Van Gogh | VR Zone



You can walk alongside the Night Café from his painting of 1888 by wearing a VR device. During the experience, you may catch up with a number of distinguished figures including Van Gogh. 

* This zone will be closed at 6:45pm.





5. Interactive Photo zone



Let’s take photos and transform them into artwork instantly using the app Artify! You can choose in which art styles your photos may be transformed between Van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat, Signac, and other artists and take home a print of your photo art.







Art Shop 






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