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2016-12-13 ~ 2017-08-25

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S-Kpop Real Kpop Seasonal Training Camp



Real Kpop seasonal training camp offers coaching by professional and experienced trainers who are training actual Kpop stars and official trainees. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to be experienced as Kpop singer, to enable them achieves your own dream.


It’s also great for anyone who has a huge interest in Kpop and Korean culture, to understand both in greater depth. You will make new friends with the same interests and dreams as you!

























































- 4Weeks Training Program -


Spring Camp : 2017.02.01~2017.02.27



Summer Camp : 2017.06.19~2017.07.14



Fall Camp : 2017.10.16~2017.11.10


Winter Camp : 2017.11.20~2017.12.15





- 2Weeks Training Program -


Spring Camp : 2017.02.13~2017.02.27




Summer Camp : 2017.07.03~2017.07.14



Fall Camp : 2017.10.30~2017.11.10


Winter Camp : 2017.12.04~2017.12.15
















[Vocal Training]


In vocal training, song selection will be done to fit your voice. Together with a professional vocal trainer, you will learn not only about breathing methods and vocalization skills, but also about the meaning of song lyrics and key details to perfectly master one song in four weeks and up to 1st verse of selected song in two weeks. Among others, the master trainer has trained certain members of WINNER, LEEHI, EXID, f(x) Luna, Taemin of SHINee, Girl’s Day, Rainbow and many more.




[Voice Recording]


Each participant of Kpop training camp will have an opportunity to step into the sound booth and professionally to record the song what you learn in vocal training with your own voice.




[Dance Training]

In dance training, the number of songs that participants can learn depends on the skill level of each group. Each group selects at least one song and is trained until they fully master the entire choreography.




[Korean Language Class]

Learning the Korean language can help you understand about Korean culture and concepts better and gain more than a superficial understanding of your favorite Korean songs. 4 weeks or 2 weeks are not enough time to master other language but this will also help you gain more insight into a fascinating society and country within your camp period.




[Body Training]

Body training is essential for all Kpop idols! It helps you stay motivated, encourages you to reach your potential, and helps achieve the best results for your body. Muscle strengthening exercises are carried out in order to improve your ability to sing and dance simultaneously. It is the ultimate combination of physique and performance enhancement.




[Profile Photo Shoot]

During your final week, you will have a professional profile photo shoot. Acclaimed professional hair stylists, and makeup artists will prepare your hair and makeup so you will look Kpop-ready for your photo shoot.




[Final Performance Review Activity]

On the last day of training camp, S-Kpop Edutainment holds a fun final performance review activity only for training camp participants. This final performance review is conducted by the master trainer of Real Kpop training camp as judge and he will share his valuable comments with participants.




[Daily Life during Kpop Training Camp]

You can enjoy free time after training hour and practice some more in assigned vocal and dance practice rooms. Outside of the training life, attendees are able to travel around and explore Seoul. Even better attendees can always explore in the company of new friends made through the program.




[Real Kpop Training Camp Package Information]

S-Kpop Edutainment offers a two-week training program and a four-week training program. The cost of the package includes all training tuition fees, voice recording, the profile photo shoot, accommodation with continental breakfast, airport pick up and send off.

Airfare is not included, nor are lunch or dinner.




[Optional Program]

With additional fees, you also can enjoy various live show activity during Kpop training camp.




S-Kpop real Kpop seasonal training camp is designed to enhance significant opportunity for each participant and offers deeper understanding of Kpop and what is involved and open for anyone who loves Kpop and it will be unforgettable experience to every participant.




























































Purchase cancellation policy


We understand that circumstances may arise that require you to cancel the Kpop training camp. Our refund policy reflects the cancellation fee we will incur.


* Before training camp program starting date,

  • Over 21 days before the training camp starting date: 90% refund of total purchase amount expect bank transaction service charge
  • Less than 20 days before the training camp starting date ~ Less than 7 days before the training  camp starting date  : 70% refund of total purchase amount except bank transaction service charge
  • Less than 6 days before the training camp starting date ~ 1 day before the training camp starting date : 30% refund of total putchase amount except bank transaction service charge
  • Camp starting date : No refundable


















* Early registration is encouraged as space is limited and filling up fast.
* Any minors under 18, may need to submit guardian's agreement form to be participated in Real Kpop Seasonal Training Camp


[Kpop Training Camp Package Included]
- Vocal / Dance / Body Training, Korean Language Class Tuition Fees
- Voice Recording
- Profile Photo Shoot with Make up & Hair
- Accommodation with Continental style Breakfast
- Airport Pick Up & Send Off

[Kpop Training Camp Package Not included]
- Airfare
- Passport / Visa Process Fee
- Personal Expenses (Meals, Transportation ect)


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