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NADOYO Personal Information Protection Policy


NADO Co.,Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “company”) is putting in the best efforts to protect the personal information of members. For this purpose, the company is abiding the personal information protection policies of Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, the Privacy Act, Telecommunications Act, and Protection of Communications Secrets Act and the personal information protection policies set by the Korea Communications Commission. The company would like to inform how the personal information provided by the members are used in which method, and what measures are being taken for the protection of personal information. However, this policy of personal information may be changed of its contents due to the acts or policies of the government, or for the provision of better services, so do check the contents, and if the company were to revise the personal information protection policy, it will be notified through the notification through the website (or individual notification).

Article 1 Collected Personal Information and Purpose of Usage

The purpose of the company collecting personal information is to provide optimized and customized services by ascertaining the status and service usage intention of the user. The company is collecting the minimum information to make provision of services more smooth in first member joining and in purchase of products.
*Collected Items
- Name/surname, e-mail address, nationality on the passport, passport number, passwords: The company uses the personal identification information to process orders of the members, to notify new products and service information, and to further support and enhance the website.
- Phone number, charge and shipping address, credit card information, account information: the collected information is used to secure the path for smooth communications of contact and guidance to carry out the contract, to notify the processed shipping, conveyance of notifications, provision of information on services and events, complaints, and refunds for the purchased products.
- Service usage record, access log, cookie, access IP information, payment record: The above information is used to prevent unauthorized usage, and usage without permission in usage process or business processes.
The company gains the agreement of the user when collecting the personal information of users, and the information of hometown, legal domicile, values, political stances, criminal records and health status, which has the possibility of infringing the basic human rights of the users will not be collected unless with the agreement of the user or the regulations of the laws.
The company may collect personal information in the following methods.
Homepage, writing, fax, call, customer center, on/offline events

Article 2 The Maintenance and Usage Period of Personal Information, Destruction Method

The company fundamentally destroys the given personal information after achieving the purpose of personal information collection and usage. However, if there are needs to maintain that information due to internal policies and the regulation of related laws, the company will preserve member information for a specific time set by the related laws.
When there is a need to preserve the information due to commercial law and other laws
Basis of contract or subscription withdrawal recordkeeping, etc.: Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act Article 6 and Enforcement Ordinance Article 6: 5 years
Basis of records retention on payments and supply of goods: Article 6 of the Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce and Article 6 of Enforcement Ordinance: 5 years
Basis of records retention regarding complaints or disputes of the customer: Article 6 of the Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce and Article 6 of Enforcement Ordinance: 3 years
Basis of retaining records on personal identification: Article 44-5 of Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act and Article 29 of Enforcement ordinance : 6 months
Basis for maintaining records on access : Article 15-2 of Protection of Communications Secrets Act and Article 41 of Enforcement Ordinance: 3 months
Basis for retaining records of unrighteous usage: Retention period according to the policies of the company: 1 year
Basis for retaining records on collection, processing, and usage of credit information: Retention period according to Law on Use and Protection of Credit Information: 3 years
Basis for retaining records on displayed advertisement: Legal retention period for Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Protection : 6 months
The company notifies retention period in advance, and the information is retained if the retention period has not been exceed, and if separate agreement has been received.
The retention and usage period of the collected personal information is from signing the service usage contract (joining) and cancelling the service usage contract (cancellation of the member, cancellation of the company). Also, in cancellation, the company will destroy the information without delay unless it is the data retained for a specific time, and if the personal information has been consigned to third parties, the consignees will be directed to destroy the information as well.
Destruction Method
The personal information of the users is destroyed without delay after the collection and usage purpose has been achieved. The personal information printed on paper is destroyed through shredding or burning, and the personal information saved in electronic file is destroyed in technological methods of not allowing the regeneration of records.

Article 3 Provision of Personal Information From Third Parties

The personal information of the users is protected safely according to the personal information protection policy.
The company uses the personal information of the users within the scope notified in “Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information”, and fundamentally, without the prior consent of the user, the information is not used exceedingly or opened to external parties.
If payment and order have been made through the services provided by the company, the needed information to carry out trade, such as identifying purchaser and preparation of services will be provided to the other party of the trade within the needed scope.

Ones receiving personal information: The product operation corporation personnel in which the member has finished purchase.
Provision purpose: Personal Identification and Preparation of Services
Provided Information: Name, passport number, e-mail address, contact and additional input for each product
Retain and usage purpose: 6 months after completion of provision of product

Article 4 Consignment of Personal Information

The company may consign the management of personal information for smooth services.
The company is consigning the following tasks in managing the personal information, and is taking necessary measures for the information to be managed safely in consignment contracts according to related laws.
Also, the consigned information is limited to minimum information to provide smooth services.

Article 5 Rights of the Company and Legal Representatives and Method of Exercising Rights

Members and legal representative are able to view or edit the personal information of oneself or children under 14, and may withdraw consent on personal information usage through membership withdrawal process.
The viewing and editing of the personal information registered at “Account” of the website is possible, and one may withdraw membership by sending e-mails to customer center.
Also, the personal information management personnel of the company may be contacted through writing, phone, or e-mail to request viewing/editing/withdrawal of consent.
If a member has requested revision on errors of personal information, the personal information is not used or provided until editing is completed. The company processes the deleted or cancelled personal information according to the requests of the member as specified on Article 2, and processes the information to not be searched or used for other purposes.

Article 6 Personal Information Management Personnel

To protect the personal information of members, and to process complaints related to personal information, the company has customer service management department and personal information management personnel. Direct the inquiries related to the personal information of users to the following personal information management personnel.
The company has the following departments and personal information management personnel to process complaints related to personal information.
Personal Information management personnel : Kenneth Song
E-mail :
The member is able to report all complaints related to personal information protection to personal information management personnel or related departments. The company will provide answers quickly regarding the reports. If reporting or counseling is needed for other personal information infringement, inquire the following organizations.
Private Information Infringement Reporting Center ( TEL : +82 118
Information Protection Mark Authorization Committee ( TEL : +82 2-550-9531~2
Police Department Cyber Safety Bureau ( TEL : +82 182