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NADOYO is a good friend of people who wish to visit South Korea. Special trip to South Korea can be made with your own journeys and stories, and the delicate and special culture of South Korea. NADOYO always shows new South Korea to you.

Enjoy the real South Korea.


“Everything about South Korean culture/travel. With NADOYO, you can enjoy the real South Korea.”


NADOYO is the <Global South Korean Culture Tourism Online Market> in which foreigners are able to purchase and share the various products and information of the South Korean culture/travel.
NADOYO is the open market in which companies with culture tourism contents are able to join in to sell and introduce products/information, with the advantage of providing various good products in all regions of South Korea, including the Seoul metropolitan region.
The China and Southeaster traveling market is turning into individual tourism of deviating from the united group tourism to desired tourism. Currently, the domestic inbound market lacks reservation/information online services, and even if there are such services, the services are concentrated on conveyance of information that the actual utility is low. Also, the contents to satisfy the needs of the foreigners who wish to feel the variety not experienced in group tourism and the littlest aspects of South Korea are lacking. NADOYO selects and provides the best contents to enable the experience of various aspects of South Korea, and plans and provides valuable experiences, education, events and traveling program.


Brand Value & Philosophy

NADOYO is the cultural diplomat representing South Korea to present accurate information and hidden charms.

-Differentiation : Creation of differentiated special Korean travel and culture contents
-Convenience : Online solution services used easily and comfortably anywhere anytime
-User oriented : Reflects the needs of the users rather than being unilateral contents production
-Co-existence : Creates the contact point between the small businesses of South Korea and the foreign customers to enhance accessibility
-Curation : Creation of new value through collection and selection of wide information regarding Korea



2016 NADOYO’s Start

- January Start of NADO Co.,Ltd
- March Official opening of NADOYO Platform
- August Official opening of the NADOYO web


2017 Stretch your Wings

- January Start of the online brand shopping services
- March Reached 300 thousand foreigner members
- August Formed the product store of Seoul and other domestic cities


2018 Fly the Sky

- March Launched the NADOYO education business
- June Launched the NADOYO travel services business (airlines accommodation, transport)
- October Established the East Asian branch



NADO Co.,Ltd is a creative cultural contents servicing corporation providing unique culture contents to domestic/global customers.

· Corporate name : NADO Co.,Ltd
· Corporate registration number : 491-81-00296
· Representative : Chun Sae Jun
· Business license : Corporate Taxpayer (Registration number 110111-5898189)
· Address : 15F, 556, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
· Foundation date : 20 / 11 / 2015
· Starting capital : 10 billion (KRW)
· Type of business : Wholesales and retail trade, oversea travel, advertisement, exhibition event, etc
· Workforce : 20 persons