NADOYO terms of Service

Article 1 Purpose

This contract has the purpose of regulating the rights, authorities, and responsibilities of the company and the users related to the internet electronic commerce related services (hereinafter referred to as “services”) provided through the internet website (hereinafter referred to as “site”) operated by NADO Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “company”). Also, this service agreement is applied to the electronic commerce through on/offline PC communication, smartphone (IPhone, Android phones, etc.) application unless its nature is changed.

Article 2 Justification of terms

The terms used in this agreement is as follows.
1. The site operated by the company (February 2016) is as follows. / Including other websites notified and provided by the company
2. User: Refers to members and non-members receiving the services provided by the company by accessing the site and according to this agreement.
3. Member: As person registering as member by providing personal information to the company, it refers to those who receive the information of the company continuously, and signing contract of usage with the company according to this agreement.
4. E-mail: Refers to the e-mail address selected by the user and approved by the company to identify members and to use services.
5. Password: Refers to the combination of English letters and numbers set and registered at the company to protect the rights and secret of the member and to check the identity of member.
The terms not justified in this contract follows the related laws, or otherwise follows the general electronic trade.

Article 3 Specification, effectiveness and revision of agreement

1. The company posts the content of this agreement with the business name, location of business, name of representative, business number and contact on the first service screen for the members to see. However, the specific content of the agreement can be seen through the connecting screen.
2. The company may revise this agreement as long as it does not infringe the related laws of Law on the Regulation of the agreement, the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., laws on consumer protection of e-commerce, e-banking Exchange Act and other related laws.
3. If the company is to revise agreement, the applied date and the reason for revision must be notified on the first screen of the site 7 days before the application date to the date before application. However, if there are revision gravely affecting the rights and responsibilities of members, it must be notified 30 days before application date.
4. If the members continue to use the services of the company even after the application date notified by Paragraph 3, it is assumed that the member is agreeing to the revised agreement. The members who do not agree to the revised agreement may cancel the service usage contract anytime, freely.
5. The items not specified in this contract and the interpretation of this agreement should follow the customer protection laws of Electronic Commerce Acts or related laws, or customs.

Article 4 Formation of Usage Contract

1. Usage contract is formed through the agreement of the users, usage application, and consent of the company.
2. The formation point of the usage contract is the point in which the approval of the company has been reached to the customer via e-mail.

Article 5 Usage Application and Approval

1. The user applies for usage contract by inputting personal information according to the member joining form set by the company and showing intention to join.
2. The member may not approve the following usage application or cancel usage contract in the future.
If the e-mail address is the same as the member already joined.
When utilizing the identity of others, and if there are false information, lack of information, or wrong information.
When applying for reuse within 3 months in which usage contract has been cancelled
When having lost membership before according to this agreement (except for when 3 months have been passed after losing membership and has gained the reuse approval of the company)
When seeking to use the services for unrighteous usage or for personal gains
When applying to infringe related laws or to deter the laws of the society or customs.
When there are no available facilities in operation of services by the company or when there is technological deterrence
When it is ascertained that the agreement is infringed or there are unrighteous usage application, or when the company feels that rejection of usage application or cancellation of usage contract is needed, the company may reject the usage application or cancel usage contract.

Article 6 Revision of Personal Information

If there are changes to the usage application written in applying for usage, the member may revise personal information online or notify the changes to the company through e-mail, phone, or fax. The responsibilities for all the disadvantages occurring from not notifying are at the member.

Article 7 Termination of the Usage Contract

1. Cancellation of Member
The member may cancel usage contract by notifying cancellation intention to the company anytime.
The usage contract is terminated at the point in which the company receives the cancellation intention of the member to process the information.
According to this paragraph, the members cancelling membership may join as member again according to the member joining process and related articles and paragraphs set by this agreement.
2. Cancellation by the company
The company may cancel usage contract with the member if there are the following reasons. In this case, the company shows the cancellation reasons through the means of e-mail, phone, SMS or Fax to notify the reasons for cancellation.
When the cancellation reasons set in Article 5 Paragraph 2 has been identified.
When the member has conducted acts of infringing the rights, fame, credit, or other rights of the company or other members.
When other members have committed acts infringing this agreement or reasons for cancellation set in this agreement has occurred.
In case of notification to many and unspecified members, notifying at the website for 7 days or more equal to individual notice. However, to items gravely affecting the trade of the member, individual notices are given.
The company may grant the member the opportunity to make a statement of opinion.
The responsibilities for losses occurring related to the termination of the usage contract is at the given member, and the company does not take any responsibilities.

Article 8 Limitation of Usage

1. The company may limit the usage of services in warnings, temporary stopping, and permanent stopping of usage according to the following.
When false information had been input in registration
When the member has not conducted the responsibilities burdened by the member in payments for goods or services or other service usages
When hindering the usage of services by others, or threatening the orders of electronic trade by using the information of others
When utilizing the services to commit acts prohibited by law and this agreement, or acts against public order or customs
When it has been ascertained that the member had intentionally damaged the purchased product to request reimbursements of exchanges or refunds
When the member had altered the payment information in purchasing items or services to pay an amount not amounting to the normal payment price
2. Despite the last paragraph, the company may stop the usage of the user permanently in case of illegal communication and hacking, and distribution of malware infringing laws of personal information usage, payment information usage, copyright laws, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. In permanent stopping of usage according to this paragraph, mileage points and other benefits are all terminated as well, and the company will not make reimbursements.

Article 9 Responsibilities of the Members’ E-mail and Password

1. The responsibilities of management of e-mail addresses and passwords set in Article 2 Paragraph 4 and 5 are at the member, and all the civil and criminal responsibilities occurring by not managing the responsibilities properly at the member.
2. The member should not let third party members utilize e-mail addresses and passwords.
3. When the member has acknowledged that one has lost their e-mail addresses and passwords or that third party members are using the information, the member should notify the company immediately, and follow the measures of the company if there are any.
4. The responsibilities occurring for all the disadvantages by not making notifications to Article 3 or by abiding by the measures of the company are at the member

Article 10 Responsibilities of Member

1. The member must abide by the related laws, regulation of this agreement, and other notifications of the members, and not commit actions infringing the rights of others or deterring the businesses of the company.
2. Registration of false information in membership application or change of usage information
Utilizing the information posted in the services of the company or the information gained while using the purposes to utilize the information for copying, publication or broadcasting for profit or non-profit purposes or providing to third parties
Unauthorized revision of the information posted by the company
Advertising third parties or providing opportunities to advertise third parties through the services or sites provided by the company
The following must not be conducted related to the service usage provided by the company
Usage Contract
Advertising oneself through service or sites, or seeking profit by providing agency services of advertisement of third parties
Consigning the rights to use the services and reaping benefit in return
Transmission or posting of the information (computer program, etc.) apart from the information set by the company
Transmitting (computer information, etc.), posting information or linking related sites prohibited according to Information Network Act or related laws
Infringement of copyrights or intellectual property rights of company or third parties
Defaming or deterring the tasks of company or other third parties
Utilizing services by utilizing the ID and passwords of other members
Utilizing the payment information of bank account number or credit card information in return of utilizing products or services by the company
Transmitting junk mail, spam mail, lucky letter, advertisement mail, explicit or aggressive message, videos or voice
Posting (including links) content harmful to juveniles as regulated by the Youth Protection Act
The act of disclosing, posting, or disclosing to other users explicit or violent message, video, voice or other information, sentences, shapes, videos or voices against public order or customs
The act of pretending to be, or impersonating to be a worker or the manager of services to write postings or to transmit e0mail
Posting materials including software virus, other computer codes, files, or programs devised for the purposes of deterring or destroying the normal operation of computer software, hardware and electric communication equipment
Hindering the service usage of other members in addition to stalking, insulting, and posting repetitive chatting
Collecting, saving, disclosing, or distributing the personal information of other users’ personal information
Posting advertisement or endorsements to unspecified members or linking related sites
Derogating the quality of related goods and services or criticizing the company exceeding the general scope of criticism through the site of the company or other media pretending to have purchased or used specific products or services even though not having purchased or used the products or services.
The act of defaming the fame or credit of a company
Not carrying out the duties of a member
Act infringing the current laws, terms or other regulations related to service usage, or company policy (including site notifications)

Article 11 Duties of a Company

1. Company will not commit acts prohibited by related laws or this regulation, or against public order and customs, and must put in the best efforts to provide continuous and stable services
2. The company must have security system to protect the personal information (including credit information) for the user to utilize the services safely, and notices and adheres to personal information protection policy.
3. The company adheres to the duties set by the related laws.

Article 12 Terms and Usage Conditions for the Separate Services

The company may set terms and usage conditions for the respective services according to the specific content of the provided services to gain the agreement of members. In this case, the terms of usage of the separate services have priority compared to these terms of usage.

Article 13 Time of Service Usage

The usage of services are in principle 24 hours every day of the year. However, the day or time set by the company due to the needs of regular examination or other needs are exempt.

Article 14 Stopping of the service Provision

1. The company may stop service usage in the following cases
Repair, regular or emergency inspection of service hardware and software
When the key communication business operator regulated by the Telecommunications Business Act has stopped the provision of telecommunication services
When there are other reasons that cannot be helped
2. The company may limit or stop part or all of the services when there are hindrances to the normal service usage due to national emergencies, blackout, error of service facilities or pressure of service usage

Article 15 Usable Payment Methods

1. Member may select the payment method for the products or services purchased from the corporation as one of the following
Credit card
Account transfer (domestic / abroad transfer)

Article 16 Purchase application

1. Member applies for the purchase of item or services as the following according to this terms of usage and regulations set by the company
Input of member information (name, contact information)
Input of selection details of products or services
Input of shipping information (name, contact, address) for shipped products
Selection of payment method
Payment information according to payment method
Expression that one agrees to the provision of personal information to third parties or usage conditions
2. The information input by the members according to payment or responsibilities or disadvantages related to the information must be burdened by the member.
Article 17 Provision of Information
The company may provide various information on service usage with various methods of e-mail, mail, or SMS service, and members may reject receiving these information. However, the company may provide information required in usage of services (changes of related regulations or policies) or useful benefits (discount coupons) regardless of the rejection intentions of the member.

Article 18 Shipping

In case of item purchase, all the shipping of the company is made through the courier services designated by the member, shipping costs may arise according to products, and if the member needs to make additional shipping payments, it is notified on the product detail page. The shipping process is processed immediately after “completing order”, and the details are as follows.
1. The company provides shipping to addresses within South Korea and foreign shipping
2. Company uses courier services, and in case of domestic shipping, it takes approximately 3-5 days from the order date, and 2-3 more additional dates for remote and mountain places, and may be altered according to product, foreign distribution center, weather, and flight operation.
3. Shipping is not processed on national holidays or other holidays of South Korea. The shipping period does not include holidays.
4. If helpless reasons such as extreme rainfall, snowfall or disasters occur, that period is exempted from the shipping period.
5. If the company is not able to provide the product that the member has applied for purchase due to reasons such as the product being sold out, the company must take measures needed for refunds within 3 business days of receiving the payment from the member and notify the reason to the member.
6. If shipping to the place designated by the member is not possible, the company should notify the member, change shipping method or charge additional costs.

Article 19 Exchange/Refund/Cancellation

The products that the members are able to purchase from the site of the company are divided into products and service products, and among them, the exchange/refund/cancellation regulation of the product is as follows.
1. Order cancellation of the product is possible only when the shipping has not been started after the PG corporation payment by the member, and in this case, cancellation may be applied for through customer center and sites. As for the applied cancellation, the company makes cancellation within 1 day of business days after application. After start of the shipping, cancellation of order is impossible.
2. The product being sold by the company may not be able to be refunded due to simple change of mind of the customer according to the characteristics of the product.
3. If the company is not able to provide the product that the member has applied for purchase due to reasons such as the product being sold out, the company must take measures needed for refunds within 3 business days of receiving the payment from the member and notify the reason to the member.
4. The company should make the refund for the following cases, even if the product has already been shipped.
When the shipped product differs from the order
If the shipped product has been damaged, destroyed or contaminated (However, except for when the product has been damaged due to the responsibilities of member)
5. The customer must clarify refund intention to “7 business days within after receiving the product” (Article 17 Paragraph 1 of Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce) to the company, and the product must arrive within 10 business days of refund application date.
Refund application may be made only through e-mail (, and if the refund application has not been made through the processes of the company, smooth processing may not be possible.
All refunds are made for the unused products in the same state with the bar code, tag, and price tag not removed, as at the time of shipping.
6. Refunds are processed after checking the content of refund through the customer center e-mail ( However, in the following cases, the payment may not be refunded.
When the product has been lost or damaged due to the reasons in which the customer is responsible for.
If the refund intention has not been conveyed within 7 business days from the date of receiving the product.
If the value of the product has lessened due to the usage of the user.
When the value of the product has lessened for resale to be difficult due to the passage of time
If the bar code, tag, and the price tag differs from the state of receiving the product
In case of accessories or fashion goods with no defects in the product
7. If it is refund on the card payment, the payment cancellation requested to the payment agency company by the company is promptly received, but cancellation term of 7-10 business days may take according to the circumstances of the card company. The claim period may differ according to the card payment date, and the details must be checked with the given card company. (However, except on the weekends and the holidays).
8. The burden of the costs for shipping according to refund/exchange reasons is as follows.
Refund due to the defect of the product: burdened by the company
Refund due to wrong shipping: burdened by the company
Refunds and exchanges due to change of customer’s mind including options and colors: burdened by the member
9. The refund/cancellation regulation of the service product is as the refund/cancellation schedule and refund/cancellation fees.
10. If the contract of the service product member is being cancelled, the amount exempting the cancellation fee for the payment method from the received fee is returned to the member.
The card payment cancellation does not include additional fees.
In case of bank account transfer, the PG fee and the CS response tasks are needed in the refund process that cancellation fee may be needed.
11. Among the service products, if the product is being cancelled due to lack of participants, cancellation fee is not charged. If the product is cancelled due to the lack of participants, the company must notify the member 24 hours before starting the services.

Article 20 Ownership of Copyright and Limitations of Usage

1. Copyright, patent right, trademark rights, and other intellectual rights belong to the company.
2. The member should not copy, transmit, publish, distribute, or broadcast the information gained by using the services or let third party use the information.
3. In case of the service products, the photos and videos taken during the product belong to NADOYO, and in the future, it may be used in the advertisement of NADOYO. If there are members not desiring this due to specific reasons, they must notify NADOYO managers.

Article 21 Protection of Personal Information

1. The company abides by the related laws of Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, and related laws.
2. Company sets personal information protection policy and posts on the first page of service to protect the personal information of member. However, the details of the personal information protection policy may be seen through the connecting screen.
3. The company does not utilize the information provided by members to other purposes than service operation or provide to third party members without the consent of members. However, the next cases are exceptions.
- When the information provision to third parties and the usage of personal information is permitted by the laws
- When providing the minimum member information (name, address, contact) to ship products to shipping companies.
- When receiving the agreement of member according to the terms and policies of the company
- The company puts in efforts to protect the personal information of the member as much as possible according to the personal information protection policy

Article 22 Exemption of Responsibility

1. When the company is not able to provide services due to natural disasters or other reasons that cannot be helped, the responsibilities of provision of services are exempted.
2. The company does not take responsibilities for the error of service usage of the member due to the faults of the member.
3. The company does not take responsibility for losing the profits expected by using the services, and does not take responsibilities for the losses from the material gained by the services.
4. The company does not take responsibility of the information, material, credibility or accuracy of the facts posted by members.
5. The member does not take responsibilities for the trade taken between the members or between the member and third parties mediated by the service.
6. The legal responsibilities for the e-mail transmitted by the member is at the member.

Article 23 Resolution of Dispute

1. The company installs and operates damage reimbursement organization to reflect righteous opinions or complaints suggested by the user and reimburse the damages.
2. The company must take full effort to process the complaints and the opinions suggested by the user. However, if fast processing is difficult, the reason and the processing schedule must be notified to the user.

Article 24 Related Laws and Competent Court

1. Regarding the dispute in interpretation of this policy and the disputes arising between the company and the member, the laws of South Korea are applied.
2. The lawsuits arising between the member and the company arising while using the services must be filed at competent courts according to Civil Procedure Code (CPC).

Supplementary Provision
Article 1 Enactment Date
1. This policy is enacted from March 2nd 2016, 00:00.